Wudang-SwordbwWudang Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art based system, which originated in China. We train the 5 main components of Tai chi chuan Hand Form, Self-defence, Push Hands, Weapons Training, Nei Gung. Contact Details Albert St Catherine - 07973 417 872 | 020 8808 7991 Multi Level Class  Monday Evening: 7.00am – 8.30am Beginners welcome The Laura Trott Leisure Centre Windmill Lane, Cheshunt, EN8 9AJ - Albert St Catherine Albert has over 25yrs of martial arts experience and has been training in Tai Chi For over 17yrs. He has competed many times in both British and international competitions and won Gold Medals in Hand Form Pushing Hands and Weapon Forms.
  North Sea Festival 19th - 21st 2016 I will be teaching at the North Sea Festival for the first time and will be: Working on structure: to establish a good base from which to build technique. Sensitivity:  to feel and understand weight positioning. Redirection: Working on Returning and combing force. Wat is je achtergrond? What is your background? I have practiced external material arts for 18yrs before moving to Tai Chi Chuan. I have been studying Tai Chi Chuan for about 17yrs. Which essence do you try to communicate? I focus on body alignment, structure and technique training through sensitivity. Wat inspireert je op dit moment? What inspires you at this moment? I am inspired at this time on exploring and working on the small things that make training effective for both health and self defence. Once I have learnt something I take a closer look to understand why and how that piece fits within the whole subject of Tai Chi Chuan. Heb je aanbevelingen? What would you recommend? Within all our systems of Tai Chi Chuan there is much to be learnt by taking a second look. Some great discoveries are in things we already know. W