Beginners Tai Chi Course

NEXT COURSE: To be Confirmed  Saturday Morning: 9.00am – 10-00am

The Course is designed to give you a taste of Tai chi Pushing hands drills, Hand form and some basic Qi Gong . From the first lesson you will be practicing the hand form in a relaxed and continuous exercise style of movements, this method of training  allows you to practice  the Tai Chi Hand Form  in the same way the form will be practiced normally. You will also practice  the hand form in a more square traditional learning style to aid in understanding weight transfer, alignment, softness and helping you with body posture and focusing your energy in the correct direction. Can you Learn Tai Chi In 6 Weeks? Tai Chi Chuan is more of a life change than a pass time it is graceful in appearance but internally demanding and worthy of  titles such as :'discover ones self' 'know ones self'. 5 weeks will give you a taste of Tai Chi enough to know if it is for you. Some times it is the journey that is worth while more than the destination this is not true for Tai Chi as the journey is the reason you want the destination as you learn more and more about your self.      Tai Chi does it help? Tai chi is helpful to your well being both mentally and physically. When practicing the hand form,  its slow movements will enrich your body. With spiralling, twisting and sicking movements that manipulate stretch and strengthen your body internally and externally. Concentrating on movement, breathing, weight transition between positions occupies your mind completely a moving mediation that  helps you to focus the mind on the body. This is all done while  relaxing both body and mind a "conscience relaxation" that gives you a kind of peace you will only sometimes find at the end of a long day. Intermediate Tai Chi Classes Pushing Hands
Saturday Morning: 10-00am – 11.00am - £55 for 6 weeks Drop in £10 per lesson £10 discount of the course  if you have completed previous beginners courses        

This class is an advance beginners course it is more a learning based lesson where the concepts from the first courses are being looked at and explained in more detail. Following while pushing, pushing while diverting, the basic root of force, multi directional force, developing core control movement and strength. Timing and understanding  "when".

The Room | 33 Holcombe Road (Corner Kimberley Road), London N17 9AS The Room is a private studio 5 min walk from Tottenham Hale Tube on Victoria Line or Bruce Grove Overland. Any bus to Tottenham will take you to Bruce Grove or Tottenham Hale also.