Downward uprooting Force

Concept of using downward
force to uproot 

This is an interesting strategy in Tui Shou. By disguising your intention to create downward force by appearing to lift yourself up instead of pressing down, you can often surprise and slow down your opponent's response time. This technique can create opportunities for you to exploit their reactions and take advantage of the situation.

The concept of "disguising intention" is a fundamental aspect of Tai Chi Chuan's martial arts applications. It involves utilising subtle body movements and shifts in weight to misdirect and confuse your opponent. By appearing to move in one direction while actually intending to move in another, you can create openings and gain an advantage.

It's important to practice this skill with a focus on body awareness, sensitivity, and timing. Developing a deep understanding of your bodies mechanics and being able to control and coordinate your movements fluidly is crucial to successfully implementing Tai Chi Chuan concepts.

Maintaining relaxation and a calm mindset is essential in Tui Shou. By staying relaxed, you can better sense your opponent's intentions and respond accordingly.