Albert St Catherine

Albert St Catherine is an experienced practitioner and instructor of Tai Chi, having trained in the art since 1996, which amounts to 27 years of practice. He has been teaching as a qualified instructor for over 23 years, sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. Additionally, Albert has an impressive tournament record, having competed in over 60 tournaments and participated in more than 500 bouts.

His dedication and skill have been recognized through his numerous achievements in these competitions. Albert has earned over 30 gold medals, including two European championship gold medals. Furthermore, he currently holds the title of the reigning European champion in his weight class. These accomplishments highlight his proficiency and success in the field of Tai Chi.

Tui Shou, commonly known as pushing hands, holds a significant place in Tai Chi Chuan. It is considered a fundamental aspect of the martial art, allowing practitioners to grasp the core purpose of this style. Tui Shou provides a platform for understanding and applying techniques, particularly for those who may be struggling with their forms or practical applications.

By incorporating Tui Shou into their training, individuals can enhance their understanding of Tai Chi principles and improve their ability to employ techniques effectively. The interactive nature of pushing hands cultivates skills such as sensitivity, balance, and the redirection of energy. This, in turn, can be applied to other aspects of Tai Chi Chuan, enabling practitioners to utilize their skills more readily.

For individuals seeking a deeper comprehension of Tai Chi and its practical applications, integrating Tui Shou into their training regimen can be highly beneficial. Whether for self-improvement, self-defense, or personal development, Tui Shou serves as a valuable tool to enhance one's Tai Chi practice.